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Laser Safety Glasses

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Safety Protection Glasses can provide you with suitable laser safety glasses that cover a range of laser wavelengths.  We work across many industries with our laser glasses including medical, industrial, research, education and military applications and have expertise in all.

We also manufacture a full range of laser safety goggles for all types of laser applications.

The laser safety eyewear we provide protects your eyes from dangerous reflected or scatter (laser) radiation from Class 3R, Class 3B and Class 4 laser systems.

Find out more about our Laser Safety Glasses below.

Our laser safety eyewear has been refined over many years and we have been market leaders in design and manufacture for many years.  Our great selection of laser filters will suit any wavelength of laser that you may have, and this means that you can always be assured that you will find a laser filter and a suitable frame that works to provide you with great protection.

We have engineered our laser filters over many years with our customers to ensure that we have produced filters with the maximum visible light transmission and functionality for your laser machine.

Our laser safety filters are made from polycarbonate or glass and we also carry a range of alignment laser filters and speciality laser filters.

Laser safety glasses features:

    • Anti-scratch surfaces on our polycarbonate lenses
    • Multiple filters to choose from constructed from glass or polycarbonate
    • Filters also available for alignment or IPL (Intense Pulse Light)
    • CE Certified to EN207 standards where stated and certificates available for download
    • Manufacturers warranty for 1 year
    • Technical data sheets
    • High Visible Light Transmission filters available
    • Prescription laser safety glasses in many filters
    • Multiple frame styles to choose from including fit over, wrap around or goggles
    • Laser strike eyewear available

Our frames are comfortable and stylish and will work to protect your eyes against damage caused by laser wavelengths.  If you are search for a durable line of laser safety glasses and goggles, then look no further.

The optical density (OD) and LB-Rating (where applicable) for each of our laser filters for specific wavelength ranges are shown on the product pages so you can find exactly what you need.

Each pair of laser safety goggles or laser safety glasses is supplied with a protective hard storage case and a microfibre cleaning cloth so you can keep your laser safety glasses safe when not in use.

Your laser operational manual or certified laser safety officer (LSO) will be able to determine the correct wavelength range that your laser safety eyewear must cover to ensure your safety.

If you do not have an LSO within your workplace and cannot locate your laser operational manual and you are not familiar with what type of laser beam your machine operates with, please contact our Laser Safety experts for assistance in choosing the correct coverage for your application.  You will require the information that is found on the label attached to your laser machine, simply take an image of it and send it to one of our laser experts who will then advise you which laser filter you require.

Operating a laser with the incorrect laser safety glasses can permanently damage your eyesight and you must not operate the machine if you are not sure that the glasses you have are a match for the laser beam you are using.  Contact us immediately if you feel your protection is not adequate.

Our information and consultations are free and will ensure you are safe within your workplace.

To avoid the wrong glasses being used for the wrong laser type we have pad printed the wavelengths directly onto the glasses frame.  We also provide custom pad printing, please contact us for details.



Information & Downloads

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