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Prescription Guarantee
We can provide you with a guarantee of 100% accuracy on all prescriptions or they will be remade at no charge. Prior to leaving Safety Protection Glasses, all prescription glasses undergo quality control hand inspection to ensure you are receiving the best quality item. Our lenses are quality checked at 4 different points for accuracy* before leaving our factory. We pride ourselves in our workmanship and our customer service. Ensuring you have the correct prescription is our number one priority. If in the unlikely event that our quality control checks fail, we will promptly and courteously remake your lenses.

Prescription Lens Return and Exchange Policy

All prescription lenses are special orders, and are therefore non-refundable. However, we understand there may be times you want to change the frame even though the prescription lenses are perfect. If, within 30 days of receipt of product, you wish to exchange your prescription glasses for a new pair, we will apply 50% of what you paid for the glasses (not including shipping costs) towards a new pair.


Refunds for faulty lenses can only be provided once glasses have been returned to us and have completed testing by our independent opticians.  Testing certificates provided by customers from your own optician are not acceptable and any costs associated with this will not be refunded.

If the lenses are found to be faulty, a replacement of the lenses will be offered in the first instance.  Refunds can only be applied if the lenses are found to be made in error and verified by the independent opticians.  Return postage costs will be made after testing has been completed by the opticians and if the lenses are found to be faulty a refund of postage will be made in full.

Stock Item / Frame-Only Return and Exchange Policy
When you purchase any of our frames without lenses or non-prescription stock item, you will have 30 days from the date you receive the product to return the product (with no questions asked) for a 100% refund, less the shipping costs. Returned products must be in the original packaging and condition or a 25% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund. If you charged your purchase, you will receive a credit within 14 business days of our receipt of your returned product.

After 30 days, you may exchange the stock product for a different product of equal or lesser value. Any new item(s) will be shipped within 5-7 days of our receipt of your return. Please follow the steps below to return your product.

Due to the high volume of orders there are no returns on Shade 14 Welding Lenses or Solar Eclipse Glasses.

Returned Material Authorisation (RMA) process
All returns require a Returned Material Authorisation (RMA) number. Please contact our customer service representative at +44 2890 994 190 to obtain an RMA number prior to returning product. Products will not be accepted for return if not accompanied by a valid RMA number, which must be clearly marked on the outside of the package or included in the package. Products returned without a RMA will be sent back to the customer as is.

Order Cancellation Policy
No prescription order can be cancelled once it enters our lab; however, if you wish to cancel your order before it goes into the lab (usually in less than one business day), there is a £15 cancellation fee to account for clerical time and card processing fees. This £15 fee also applies to any changes to an order (prescription or non-prescription), including a change to shipping method or product quantities.

If you have an account set up with our online store:
Step 1: Log into your account. After logging into, click on My Account, you will be taken to your Account Profile.
Step 2: From your Account Profile, find the order you wish to return located in your Previous Orders History.
Step 3: Click on the order that contains the item that you wish to return.
Step 4: You are now looking at the Order Summary. Click the “Need to return this product” link, for each item you wish to return.
Step 5: Once on the RMA detail page, you will need to select the following information from each drop down menu. You will need to tell us: Quantity (Qty), Reason for return, and Preferred Refund Method (if you would like a refund or replacement order shipped) and any additional comments regarding your return.
Step 6: Once you’ve selected an option from each drop down menu, click the Submit button.
Step 7: You will be issued an RMA number. Please be sure to make a note of the RMA number, as you will need it to track the progress of your return.
Step 8: Once your return information has met Safety Protection Glasses Return Policy criteria, you will be given further instructions regarding how to finalise your return request.

If you do not have an account set up with our online store:
Please call the number listed below and one of our helpful customer service representatives will be more than happy to help you with your return.

Safety Protection Glasses is not responsible for products we do not receive or products damaged in shipping.

For incorrect orders or items that are sent to you in error, please contact Safety Protection Glasses immediately upon receipt of your order. Our courteous staff will correct the problem.

All of our frames are fully guaranteed against manufacturer defects (material and workmanship) for one year from the date of purchase. This does not cover negligent use of the product (including scratched lenses). Safety Protection Glasses will repair or replace any defective merchandise at no charge. Call us on +44 2890 994 190.

* 100% accurate to tolerances mandated by law or by common practice.

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