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Solar Eclipse Glasses

Our range of solar eclipse glasses will provide you with the safest way to take part in any solar eclipse.

Designed for maximum protection and to replace the cheap, plastic glasses that you can find at other stores or retailers, Safety Protection Glasses carry a range of high-quality glasses and solar eclipse fit over goggles.

Our range are all fitted with high quality European welding Shade 14 Glass Lenses to help protect your eyes when viewing.

Our glasses also come with the benefit of being NASA approved and although designed for solar eclipses’ can also be used for welding.

Our range of solar eclipse glasses block 99 percent of ultraviolet light and 97 percent of infrared radiation.

Viewing a solar eclipse can be damaging to your eyes, with our range you can be assured that your glasses are providing the best protection for your eyes while you focus on enjoying the natural phenomenon of the solar eclipse.

“All lens material used has been certified to be Shade 14 by DIN Certo, Class 1 by notified body 0196 CE. In addition, they meet all Transmission Requirements as specified by ISO 12312-2:2015 for direct solar observation.“

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