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Forensic Glasses

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Forensic glasses use unique coloured lenses along with an ultraviolet lamp, which help reveal tell-tale signs of bodily fluids and oils which show up as fluorescent under the light.  The glasses are used by forensic examiners, medical technicians, and police investigators.

Which glasses should I use?
There are many conditions which will affect which forensic glasses are used.  The glasses can be affected by light conditions, the type of surface or material they are being used to view and whether the substance is wet, dry, new or old.  This can often influence which combination of filter/glasses works best.

Fluorescence and wavelengths
The type of substance being viewed will have an effect on the type of glasses that are used as the wavelengths of the substances react differently.

How do forensic glasses work?

Using glasses fitted with forensic filters, an investigator is able to dramatically increase the possibilities of finding evidence or trace that could prove important in their investigations.  The forensic filters also filter away unwanted traces allowing a clearer view.  Our range of forensic glasses are available in a variety of styles and all come in any of the three lens filters pictured below.

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