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Safety Protection Glasses is the industry leader in Prescription Laser Safety Glasses. When working with lasers you want to protect your eyes from their harmful energy, and fit overs can sometimes be uncomfortable and require you to wear two pairs of glasses at the same time. To solve this, we have developed a range of laser safety glasses with the prescription right in the main lens! Available in Single Vision or Lined Bifocal, you can order the prescription just like your regular glasses. They are the identical in weight, size, and protective level as non-prescription glasses with your own prescription inserted into the frame.

Like any other laser glasses, you will be required to find out the wavelength of the laser that you are using and optical density required.

We have a good range of prescription filters that will work for many of the most popular lasers: CO2, YAG, AKP, UV, Holmium, Diode, and many others.

You can browse the selection below to find the wavelength and desired OD. Next, make sure to select the Prescription Option at the bottom of the page. Now you can enter your prescription and order your glasses.

Thank you for your interest in Safety Protection Glasses Prescription Laser Safety Glasses, and if you have any questions or concerns one of our laser safety specialists are available to help with the ordering process.



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