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Welding Lenses

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Safety Protection Glasses offer flat Welding Lenses for masks, helmets and goggles, in standard shades and sizes.  We also stock standard welding shades with added protection from sodium flare for working with aluminium, cast iron and stainless steel.

We carry a range of Alloweld Lenses which are available in Gold or Green.  This is a glass lens designed to match the American Optical Cool Weld Lens.

Our Athermal Green Lenses are available in Shade 4 to 14 and are a high quality, low price lens which will be an attractive option to any welder seeking a reliable product.

The Gold Coated Welding Lenses block 90% Infrared Radiation which reduces the exposure to your eyes.  This additional benefit reduces eye strain and the lenses are scratch resistantTwo sizes are available in this range – Standard 2 x 4.25, and Large 4.5 x 5.25.

Super Blue Drop In Lenses are designed to be used along with your shaded lens and removes the colour of the arc providing a much clearer view of your work.

Super Magenta Drop in Lenses are made from specially formulated acrylic and provide a perfect vision with increased clarity, colour separation coupled with an excellent view.

Clear Cover Plates will protect your welding lenses from scratching and splatter and provide optimum protection for you and your equipment.

Our Welding Magnifying Lenses or Cheater Lenses provide increased magnification for the item you are viewing.  The Welder’s Reading Lenses come in magnifications from +0.75 to +2.50 in .25 increments.

We can provide custom sizes and shapes should you require them, please contact us for more information.

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