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The capabilities and technology of lasers in medical and industrial professions continuously advance as new research is published and improvements are made by laser manufacturers. With these advances in laser technology, laser safety equipment must also progress to satisfy higher standards. At Phillips Safety Products, Inc., we utilize leading laser research and testing labs worldwide along with our network of laser manufacturers, medical and industrial professionals to ensure that our laser eyewear meets the requirements of the advancing market. Choosing the correct laser safety eyewear for a given application, one must consider the following specifications of the laser; operating wavelength, power, beam diameter, beam delivery system and work environment. The output and wavelength are usually marked on a plate or label somewhere on the laser. It may also be found in the operator’s manual. The manual may also list the recommended OD of glasses to be used. If you are not sure, you can call us with the make and model number and we can help you determine the correct eyewear.

The laser experts at Phillips Safety Products, Inc. have developed a complete line of absorptive filters in polycarbonate and glass for maximum protection. Polycarbonate filters are lightweight, impact-resistant, and generally more affordable than glass filters. Our polycarbonate filters offer a variety of wavelength absorption and broadband filter capabilities, and with new technology, we can achieve higher visual light transmission in polycarbonate than ever before. Our laser experts are well-versed in dyes associated with the absorption of particular wavelengths, and we regularly formulate custom filters to customer’s specifications.

There are several wavelengths, which can only be properly absorbed by the glass. Glass filters typically render higher absorption and higher visual light transmission. Our laser experts have worked extensively on developing a glass filter line that is comprehensive for the ever-growing varieties of applicable laser operations, and are capable of creating custom glass filters to a customer’s specifications. We can also combine glass filters for hard-to-solve applications, and we can achieve higher OD levels with the same wavelength properties by increasing thickness in most of our glass filters.

Prescription Laser Glasses

All of our standard laser glasses marked “Rx-Able” are available in prescription. Our part number system works off of the part numbers listed for our standard (non-prescription) laser safety glasses. You simply take the part number for the glasses you want and add the appropriate prescription code to the end of it. Add –SV at the end for a single vision prescription in that frame, or add –FT28 for a lined bifocal prescription in that frame.

Single Vision Prescription Laser Glasses

Single vision prescription laser glasses offer a single prescription throughout the whole lens. This type of prescription has no bifocal or additional power for reading added onto it.

Lined Bifocal (FT28) Prescription Laser Glasses

Lined bifocal prescriptions offer distance correction on the top of the lens and near, or reading, correction on the bottom of the lens. The two areas are separated by a line. The reading area is a semicircle with the flat part on top (Flat-Top) that is 28mm wide, which is where the FT28 comes from.

Contact us today to learn more about choosing the correct laser safety eyewear.


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