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Wrap Around Radiation Glasses

We are pleased to present our collection of wrap around radiation safety glasses. Each pair of glasses protects your eyes when they need it most.

TR-90-nylon is used in most of our wrap around radiation glasses. The glasses are made with distortion-free SF-6 Schott glass radiation-reducing lenses.  The lead equivalency is 0.75 millimeters.

We offer high quality radiation glasses at low prices.  Which means you can afford to protect your eyes from radiation in the workplace. The stylish wrap-around frames are all unisex.  In addition, we also provide prescription lenses.

Have a look at our range, however if you have questions we will be happy to answer them.

Many of our radiation glasses range also provide side shields, meaning that you can be confident that your glasses will provide the maximum protection required when working with potentially harmful radiation.

Aside from the features listed above our glasses are amongst the most stylish on the market.  Frame colors include charcoal, camouflage, green, black, and red.

All our glasses are unisex and are available in prescription lenses as necessary. Whether you are purchasing radiation safety glasses for the very first time or replacing your existing pair, we are confident you will find something in our range to suit your needs.

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