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Safety Protection Glasses carry a range of Phillips 202 / didymium prescription glasses in our polycarbonate sodium flare filter.

Whether lampworking or working with hot glass, you will want the best protection for your eyes from harmful light that is emitted. To provide you with a solution, we have developed the Phillips’ Sodium Flare Polycarbonate lenses with the prescription right in the main lens!

Fitovers are often clumsy and hard to keep in one place over your normal prescription glasses. Our Didymium Prescription Glasses made from our polycarbonate sodium flare filter are the same size, weight and protection level that you would expect from a normal pair of lampworking glasses.

Prescription Lampworking Safety Glasses

These lenses are available in Single Vision or Progressive No-Line Bifocals, and you can order the prescription just like a normal pair of glasses directly on our website.

We have a good selection of frames can be made with these special Didymium Prescription lenses.

Our polycarbonate sodium flare filter is used to cover the Ultra Violet and Sodium Flare that is emitting from your glass while it is heated.

The SFP is similar is in properties to our Didymium or rose glass filter which many of you will know if you have ever bought a pair of didymium glassworking glasses.

The SFP filter is typically used for those in bead making or silver soldering and is light and more affordable than its glass counterpart.

Click on the Link below to browse our Prescription Lampworking Safety Glasses, select the one that fits your needs and style, and, after you pick your colour, click on “Buy with Prescription.” 

Thank you for your interest in Polycarbonate Sodium Flare / Didymium Prescription Glasses, and if you have any questions or concerns our safety specialists are available all day to help.


+44 2890 994 190 | [email protected]