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Clip-On Flip-Up Welding Safety Eyewear

Our Clip-On Flip-Up Welding Safety Eyewear is available in the most common welding shades of Green IR and Cobalt Blue glass, our range of Clip-on flip-ups are for use in molten metal observation and cutting applications.

The range comes in styles that can be used with every sort of eyewear, Bump Caps and hard hats and are made with metal frames and glass lenses or with metal universal clips and plastic lenses.

Clip-on flip-up lenses are optical quality glass and plastic.

If you need glasses instead of clip on’s – check out our Torching and Brazing Glasses.

Many styles of clip-on flip-up safety glasses are designed to work with standard prescription eyewear.  So if you already have prescription glasses and don’t want to have to invest in a new pair of prescription safety glasses on top of that, this option will work for you. Getting protection from the light of welding is as simple as attaching the clip-ons to the top of the other frames.

Clip-On Flip-Ups are also superior to goggles since they’re less likely to get lost. As a bonus, they don’t have to be completely removed once they aren’t needed. This protects the frames of your glasses since there’s nothing for them to get caught up inside.

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