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Respirator Mask Inserts

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The SMOK SPEC is designed to allow first responders (e.g., firefighters and Hazmat workers) and industrial workers to quickly insert prescription lenses into their SCBA respirator mask or face mask to attain normal vision while working in hazardous environments.

SMOK SPEC is the answer for those professionals that require corrected vision while using a SCBA respirator mask with a single facepiece lens. The ease of installation and use make the SMOK SPEC the prescription spectacle insert of choice for industrial workers, fire fighters, Hazmat workers and other professionals who require corrected vision in a SCBA full face respirator mask. These prescription spectacle inserts are securely attached to the inner surface of the mask’s facepiece lens by use of a suction cup assembly (PLUNGER SMOK SPEC) or a nut and bolt assembly (ULTRA SMOK SPEC). The corrected SMOK SPEC frame can be easily and quickly inserted or removed from the mask. The frame is designed to be used in all full face respirator air masks that possess a single facepiece lens.

The SMOK SPEC duplicates the visual properties of regular eyewear and is in compliance with OSHA Industrial STANDARDS: 29CFR1910.134. OSHA will accept an eyeglass insert if the device does not interfere with the facepiece seal, does not cause visual distortion, and does not damage or alter the facepiece lens. SMOK SPEC complies with these criteria.

Download the chart to determine which model of SMOK SPEC is the best match for your SCBA air mask.

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