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IPL Brown Contrast Enhancement

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IPL Brown Contrast Enhancement Laser Glasses provide protection from IPL lasers with an increase in contrast allowing you to see better while you work.

All our IPL glasses are specially manufactured to protect from IPL lasers.  IPL lasers do not operate on specific wavelengths and operate on the level of brightness produced by the laser, so normal laser glasses are not appropriate for use with these laser types.

Our IPL Brown Contrast Enhancement Glasses provide the same protection as our Green filter.  The additional contrast of the brown filter will allow an enhanced contrast which makes them easier to see through and provides you with clarity of the patients skin.

The glasses comes in a range of frames so you can be sure to find the right one for you.  The VLT of our Brown filter is 9%.

Don’t want our Brown filter?  Try our Green IPL laser Glasses.  We also carry Patient Block Glasses for your patients safety.


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