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Bifocal Safety Glasses

By combining the requirement for the use of safety glasses at work with those who require to read and write while on the job, our Bifocal Safety Reading Glasses are the perfect choice.

Our glasses are all EN 166F approved for safety with impact resistant polycarbonate lenses.

Our Bifocal Safety Reading Glasses feature a reading area located at the bottom of the lens which makes them perfect for those taking notes or reading whilst working without the need to change glasses.

Our bifocal lenses come in standard reading glass strengths and come in a variety of lens colours including clear, smoke grey or yellow polycarbonate lenses.

These bifocal lenses allow you the flexibility of being able to read while protecting your eyes.  This means you do not need to swap your safety glasses for your reading glasses while you are working, helping to prevent accidents and keep your eyes safe.

Our Best Bifocal ranges are below:



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