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Hydrospecs Growers Glasses

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Our new GrowView™ hydroponic gardening glasses will allow you to see the details you were missing before.  Our glasses work to filter out any excess light which will allow you to see all that you need. The glasses will help to prevent washed out and tired eyes and allow you to see any problems with your crops.

Every good gardener knows that to get the maximum out of your garden, light has to be of a higher level to ensure the crop grows to its best ability.  Previously, those viewing their crops unaided missed details that might be pertinent to crop yield.  At Safety Protection Glasses we have developed special lenses that remove the unnecessary energies. Our lenses are tailored specially to each type of light source and each lense is precisely tuned to provide the best colour balance and separation to achieve perfect vision.

Our partner, Phillips Safety has a client list that includes NASA, SPACE-X, MIT, CALTECH, and Los Alamos Labs.  The company are the experts in light manipulation technology and have now put that expertise to work for the indoor growing industry, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best glasses that best suit your needs.

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