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Laser Safety Glasses

Safety Protection Glasses provide a range of safety glasses and goggles for use in military, medical, research and educational settings.  We manufacture a complete range for all laser types ensuring you have the highest quality and protection available to protect your eyes.

Safety Protection Glasses manufacture a complete range of safety eyewear for all types of laser applications.  The laser safety glasses we provide protect your eyes from dangerous reflected or scatter (laser) radiation from Class 3R, Class 3B and Class 4 laser systems.

Your laser operational manual or certified laser safety officer (LSO) will be able to determine the correct wavelength range that your eyewear must cover to ensure your safety.  If you do not have a LSO within your workplace and cannot locate your laser operational manual, please contact us for assistance in choosing the correct coverage for your application.

Our information and consultations are free and will ensure you are safe within your workplace.  We have a range of CE certified laser safety glasses and goggles and they all exceed ANSI Z136.1 requirements for use with laser systems.

To avoid the wrong glasses being used for the wrong laser type we have pad printed the wavelengths directly onto the glasses frame.  We also provide custom pad printing, please contact us for details.


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