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Glass Working Safety Eyewear

Safety Protection Glasses carry a variety of lampworking safety glasses which are suitable for hot glasswork, furnace and scientific applications.  Each type of glassblowing / glasswork requires its own set of specialised filters which you can read more about below and we will have one to suit your needs.

Many of our filters come in prescription and non-prescription versions which will save you changing your glasses while you work.

Our glass lenses are made with Schott optical quality German glass and our plastic lenses are scientifically engineered to provide you with the best VLT in their class.  Our lenses include protection from IR, UV and sodium flare and come in a variety of shades and combinations.

We also carry a range of glassblowing tools including multi stoppers and mashers.

Safety Protection Glasses is a member of the British Society of Scientific Glassblowers and currently sponsors many of our artistic UK glassblowers for their TV work, attendance at competing festivals and exhibitions.

You can also find more information on what type of glasses you need for lampworking on our blog.  See Which Safety Glasses Should I Use For Glass Working? for more information.  If you need assistance in choosing a filter for your work, simply contact us using the Live Chat (during working hours) or email and we will find your filter for you.

We are confident we can fulfil all of your Lampworking Safety Glasses and Glass working tool needs.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, simply contact us using the email address above and we will source it for you.

Filter Information

Phillips202 – The Phillips 202 blocks UV and sodium flare and is used for torch work for bead making and silver soldering. This is the traditional glass lens often referred to as “rose glass” or “didymium.”

Sodium Flare Poly –  These are the same as our Phillips 202, but they use a plastic lens instead of the traditional glass. This makes them lighter and more affordable.

BoroTruView 3.0 – Phillips BoroTruView 3.0 lenses are made for the true glass-working artist. These lenses are specially designed to offer excellent color recognition while working with colored glass while still providing UV, IR, and Sodium Flare protection. If you are working with smaller, more delicate pieces the BoroTruView 3.0 is for you.

BoroTruView 5.0 – Similar to the Truview 3.0 these lenses are also designed with the same excellent colour recognition when working with colored glass while still providing UV, IR and Sodium Flare protection. For larger pieces like candlesticks and statues, you will need the BoroTruView 5.0 for your Glassblowing Safety Glasses.

BoroView 3.0 – The BoroView 3.0 blocks infrared UV, IR, and Sodium Flare. Shade 3.0 is used for smaller torch-work with borosilicate glass such as marbles or pendants, as well as clear glass.

BoroView 5.0 – The BoroView 5.0 blocks UV, IR, and Sodium Flare. Shade 5.0 is used for larger borosilicate torch-work such as large vessels, colored borosilicate, and torch-work with thick rods.

Quartz Working Glasses – These are used when working with quartz glass. They have a lighter shade on top and a darker one on bottom, allowing you the best of both worlds, with ample protection from high-temperature torches when needed, and better vision when not.

Lampworking Split Lenses – Our split lens glasses come in a variety of combinations of the Phillips 202, Green IR 3.0, and Green IR 5.0. Useful for when you need to switch between different types of protection throughout your work.

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