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What Are Didymium Safety Glasses?

MAR 26

What Are Didymium Safety Glasses?

By rxsafety

Didymium Safety glasses have been known by many names over the years including ACE, rose glass, rose didymium, ACE 202, Purple glass or Phillips 202.  There is no difference between the names as they all refer to the same type of lenses.

Didymium glassworking lenses work to protect from Ultraviolet and sodium flare which are dangers relating to lampworking / torch work.

Sodium Flare occurs when a worker is using soft glass and borosilicate glass however borosilicate also releases Infrared as well as Ultraviolet and sodium flare. If you find yourself using both types of glass, there is the option of using a green shade 2, 3 or 5 in a flip down style which clips onto your didymium glasses which will help protect your eyes against this.

If you are only using borosilicate or pyrex glass then our Green Ace lenses in a shade 3 or 5 would suit you best.

When choosing your didymium safety glasses you should know the below information:

  • Didymium glasses are also know as ACE, Phillips ACE 202, Purple Glass, Rose Glasses and Rose didymium.
  • Didymium glasses will protect your eyes from sodium flare and UV radiation when you are working with silver soldering, beadmaking or other soft glass work.
  • Didymium glasses cannot protect your eyes from Infrared radiation that comes from borosilicate glasses or during kiln observation. If you are using this type of glass or viewing a kiln you should include a pair of flip down clip on’s in a green shade to protect against this.
  • Didymium glases are available in many types of frame styles including wrap around, standard and economy frames and are also available with prescription.
  • Although didymium lenses are traditionally made from glass they can also come in plastic.
  • If you are doing any sort of glass work with soft glass or silver soldering, then you should be using a pair of didymium glasses.
Buy Didymium Safety Glasses

Should you not be sure about which type of glasses you should be using, you can contact us for advice and guidance on purchasing a pair to ensure that you have the correct protection for the work you are doing.

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