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Do they make welding glasses?

Do they make welding glasses? Safety Protection Glasses Blog

At Safety Protection Glasses, we are happy to supply glasses that protect our welder customers. We make, manufacture, design, and supply welding glasses for our loyal customers to wear on the job. Many of our customers come to us in search of a company that manufactures excellent welding glasses for their jobs. If you are looking for the best place to find your welding glasses, look no further than! We are happy to take the time to help you find the perfect pair of welding glasses for your needs. Safety Protection Glasses does make welding glasses, and we have a commitment to do it well.

At Safety Protection Glasses, we know the importance of having quality welding glasses. During welding, irreparable damage can happen to your eyes. Therefore, welding glasses provide the wearer with eye protection while the wearer is cutting and welding on the job. It is highly important that welders have eye protection while any forms of welding and cutting are being done. As we have discussed before with our customers, this is because the welding glasses protect the eyes from the heat and optical radiation produced by the welding, such as the intense ultraviolet light produced by an electric arc. These dangers are what we aim to protect against.

Therefore, Safety Protection Glasses wants to make sure its welding customers eyes are protected in any instance at work. Additionally, welding glasses also protect the welder’s eyes from sparks or debris. This is crucial as well, as many working environments involving welding can be highly unpredictable. We want to eliminate the possibility of any damage happening to the eyes of the men and women that we make welding glasses for. They depend on us to have the level of protection that they need while they work. Our customers shouldn’t have to worry about their eyes sustaining damage. This leaves them free to focus on their jobs and not make mistakes.

At Safety Protection Glasses, all of the welding glasses we make are ANSI Z87. 1-2010 certified. In fact, we are proud to meet that requirement at Safety Protection Glasses. We are proud to offer this exceptional level of protection. Safety Protection Glasses carries a range of Welding Safety Products including torching and brazing eyewear, glass window sheeting, and welding lenses that can be used for all welding applications. Our welding green lens offers maximum protection from harmful IR, UV, and bright light associated with welding.

Cheque out our Welding Safety Products today! Our team is happy to help you select the perfect pair of welding glasses for your needs made by Safety Protection Glasses! 


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