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Where can I buy welding glasses?

Where can I buy welding glasses? Safety Protection Glasses blog

At Safety Protection Glasses, we are constantly looking out for the needs of our customers. That being said, many of our customers work in industrial environments and segments. Therefore, many of the men and women that we supply safety glasses for are welders. These important customers need welding glasses or welding goggles in order to protect their eyesight while they work in often hazardous conditions. At Safety Protection Glasses, we are proud to cater to these hardworking customers. If you are looking for the best place to find your welding glasses, look no further than!

Welding glasses provide the wearer with a certain degree of eye protection while the wearing is cutting and welding on the job. It is highly important that welders have eye protection while any forms of welding and cutting happen. In fact, this is because the welding glasses protect the eyes from the heat and optical radiation produced by the welding, such as the intense ultraviolet light produced by an electric arc. This is the number one reason why Safety Protection Glasses wants to make sure its welding customers eyes have protection in any welding situation. Additionally, welding glasses also protect the eyes from sparks or debris.

This is crucial as well, as many working environments involving welding can be highly unpredictable. Also, in addition to just welding glasses, a full face mask is a piece of equipment available for arc welding. It is important to have the perfect pair of welding glasses to go with this other crucial welding protective equipment. A worrisome aspect of welding is that the UV and IR wavelengths present in many jobs are invisible. They can produce eye injury without the victim realising it immediately. This is why we want to outfit our customers with the proper gear to prevent this unseen damage from happening.

In fact, extremely dark filters help for the welder to be able to look at the intensely glowing metal welding. Most welding helmets actually have two lenses. These lenses are a shaded lens, and a protective front lens. The lens is typically tint glass. However, in recent years, welding lenses can be polycarbonate in addition to the traditional glass lenses. In fact, this is what protects your eyes from the light and radiation coming from the weld site. The front lens protects the lens from dust and debris and is usually plastic.

At Safety Protection Glasses, our welding glasses have the design of shade lenses. These shades are useful during torch soldering, brazing and cutting. If arc welding, ensure that you wear the required darker lens. All welding glasses need to be ANSI Z87. 1-2010 certified, and we are proud to meet that requirement at Safety Protection Glasses. Also, we may see green lenses on your welding glasses. In fact, green lenses block infrared (IR) light and protect the eyes from heat. They offer good protection from nearby flash or exposure. We are proud to offer this exceptional level of protection.

Safety Protection Glasses carries a range of Welding Safety Products including torching and brazing eyewear, glass window sheeting, and welding lenses that can be used for all welding applications. Our welding green lens offers maximum protection from harmful IR, UV, and bright light associated with welding. We also carry shades from 4-14, eyewear for specific applications. Additionally, we carry our green welding sheeting which can be provided in custom sizes. The welding collection by Safety Protection Glasses is German glass with no distortion, striations or bubbles that are typically found in other welding lenses. Our German glass is of the highest quality and provides excellent protection. Cheque out our Welding Safety Products today!


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