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Can I order prescription safety glasses online?

Can I order prescription safety glasses online? Safety Protection Glasses Blog

There are few inventions as convenient as the prescription safety glasses – plenty of jobs require you to keep up a certain standard of health and safety, with various risks involved depending on the industry. A lot of workplaces will also provide prescription safety glasses to the individual if they are requested, but what if you want to get a pair for yourself?

Shopping Online

The short answer is yes; indeed, you can order yourself a pair of prescription safety glasses online. The long answer is that there may be some details involved in this process. Much like shopping for clothes, it’s often better to try different types of glasses on before you buy them. This is no different for prescription safety glasses.

If you haven’t done so before, you’re going to need to have an eye test done to determine what kind of prescription you’ll need in the first place. And to do this, you’re going to need to visit an optician. Your eye test should have been done in the last two years if you are wanting to order prescription safety glasses online.

Different markets for different needs

Another factor to consider is where you’re going online to purchase the safety glasses. Different stores will offer different kinds of safety specs to match certain needs, with some only focusing on one type of manufacturer – and that manufacturer may, too, focus on only one area of a certain industry. 

In other words – some stores might sell you prescription safety glasses for the carpentry and construction industries, whereas other stores may focus on selling prescription safety goggles for schools and science labs. Your needs in safety glasses, or even safety goggles, need to match the qualities of the store from which you purchase.

Doing the research

Doing some research into the qualities you’re looking for in your prescription safety glasses can also give you a better idea of where to do your online shopping. 

Safety glasses can have surprising differences between them, depending on what you need them for, whether they’re for something physical like welding, carpentry, glassworking, or for more lab-focused work that may involve radiation or even lasers and chemicals.

Knowing the differences is important, as while all safety glasses will be made to protect your eyes from projectiles that may go flying unexpectedly, not all safety glasses will be designed to protect your eyes against radiation and harsh lights.

Prices may vary as well, depending on the types of prescription safety specs, as well as their overall quality. Some of the cheapest may go for around £35 where the most expensive could go for as much £600. 

A point to note here is that you shouldn’t settle for the cheapest option simply to cut down on costs – you’re paying for health and safety as much as anything else, and the pricier safety glasses tend to last much longer and have higher safety standards!

Best online shops for your needs

There are a lot of manufacturers to consider, all of which promise different standards and methods for your safety frames. When it comes to looking for some of the best safety options, however, then Safety Protection Glasses always offer some of the best quality and information, particularly for the more unusual types of safety glasses aimed at protecting your from lasers and radiation.

We also carry a range of safety glasses that are more generally purposed, or even for types that you may be able to customise through frame and lenses sizes, as well as additional properties such as anti-fogging or anti-scratch coatings (or other additions).

Overall, with the increasing popularity of online shopping, you can find just about anything online. Even shopping for glasses, whether they be regular, sunglasses, or safety glasses, are becoming more and more convenient to shop for on the internet. No matter your needs, as long as you know what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it online.


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