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What Laser Tattoo Removal Safety Glasses Should I Use?

What Laser Tattoo Removal Safety Glasses Should I Use? Safety Protection Glasses Blog

There are many laser machines that are capable of carrying out laser hair removal on the market today.  With so many lasers available how do you what laser tattoo removal safety glasses are appropriate for the machine you are using?

Firstly, you will need to identify which laser machine you are working with. This should be labelled on the side of your machine or within your manual.  If you are not sure, check with your Laser Safety Office or Laser Manufacturer which laser machine you have.  Whether it is a YAG, IPL or other you will need to ensure both you and your patient are protected during the process.

Once you have identified the correct machine you can have a look are our collection of Laser Tattoo Removal glasses.  We carry a range of glasses for Nd: YAG, Green IPL Laser Glasses and IPL Brown Contrast Laser Glasses so you can be sure that you will find what you are looking for.

During the Tattoo Removal process your laser will be operating to very high intensities and pulse lengths and because of this you will require very high optical densities over 7+ (10,000,000X attenuation) and correspondingly high L ratings to ensure that your eyes are protected while you work. 

L ratings determine the ability to withstand certain power intensities up to a period of 10 seconds.  Our L ratings can be found on all our CE certificates or on the product pages of the website.

When you are purchasing your laser safety glasses for tattoo removal, you should consider:

  • Whether the laser glasses are fit for purpose for the machine you are using
  • Whether you also need protection for your patient as well
  • Whether you glasses are comfortable for you to wear during a delicate procedure for long periods of time
  • Whether you need additional features such as rubber nose pads or rubber temple ends
  • Whether you require a retainer cord to help keep your glasses in place

Our IPL laser glasses are made from polycarbonate laser filters which are hard coated and virtually unbreakable within a clinical setting.  The polycarbonate lenses are also scratch resistant to help the longevity of your glasses.

The Nd:YAG laser glasses, which are covered by our AKG filter, are a glass laser filter in a light blue and have an extremely high VLT of 90.5%.

All of our laser protection and absorptive dyes are moulded into the plastic or glass and are guaranteed by us for one year under a manufacturer’s warranty.


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