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The Best Laser Pointer Safety Glasses

The Best Laser Pointer Safety Glasses, Safety Protection Glasses Blog

As lasers become more readily available to civilians for everyday use the misuse of laser pointers is also on the rise.

What is a laser pointer?

A laser pointer also known as a laser pen is a handheld laser which is usually fuelled by a battery and provides a laser diode which emits a low powers laser beam.  They are commonly used by businesses and corporations when highlighting information on a board as the laser produces a visible light which is then shown on the board and shows the audience which piece of information is being referred to.

However as with many things, the use of laser pointers also has some safety concerns.  Many countries now have restrictions in place on the power of a laser pointer, typically those under 5mw however in the UK this is below 1mw.  Anything above 1mw in the UK is illegal to sell and importations are highly restricted.  

This is due to the fact that laser pointers can also damage eyesight, this can range from temporary visual afflictions (seeing ‘spots’) to all out retinas burn which can cause permanent eyesight damage.

Who can be affected by laser pointer pens?

There are a range of uses for laser pointer pens and therefore a range of people who may be affected even if the laser pointer pen is used properly.  Those working with gunsights that use lasers might be affected but typically the most frequent group reporting this danger are pilots and the military.

When a laser pointer pen is pointed into the sky even during the day, it can affect the sight of those pilots by distracting them, or worse shining into their eyes and causing damage therefore putting them and the plane into jeopardy.  As this has become a more regular occurrence with 775 lasers reported to the Civil Aviation Authority in 2018 in the UK alone, authorities have moved to create greater penalties for those caught using lasers in this way with a minimum of 5 years imprisonment now applied for a conviction.

What can prevent laser pointer pens causing damage?

The use of laser pointer pens has seen the development of laser strike safety glasses to combat its effects. Safety Protection Glasses have designed a range of Laser Strike eyewear which covers all 3 laser colour spectrums to help prevent the dangerous side effects of these lasers.

Our laser pointer safety glasses are designed to be worn under headsets worn by pilots and the military and so can be worn throughout a flight or job depending on the wearer.

The Laser strike safety glasses are extremely lightweight, and the lenses are constructed from polycarbonate which provides a superior visual clarity and has low impact safety ratings.

While our laser pointer safety glasses were originally designed for US military pilots to protect them on the job, due to the large number of incidents this has now been extended to civilian pilots both in the US and across the world.

In many cases standard operating procedures are now in effect that state that laser strike eyewear must be worn when flying at below 10,000 feet and for take offs and landings.

Which laser pointer safety glasses should I get?

There are three laser colour spectrums that need to be considered when you are purchasing laser pointer safety glasses.

The most common laser pointers are red (630 nm-670 nm), green (520 nm and 532 nm) and blue / violet (405 nm and 445 nm). 

Our eyes are most sensitive to green light therefore a green laser pointer will appear brighter than a red or blue laser, even though the power output will be the same.

Green Laser Pointer Glasses

Our Green laser strike eyewear will protect you at the wavelengths below and comes with a VLT of 33%.  

The polycarbonate lenses in the green range are Orange / Peach in colour

Wavelength     Optical Density

190-400nm                5+

532nm.                        2+

Our green laser strike eyewear can be purchased in a range of frame styles to suit your needs.  

This includes fit over glasses which can be worn over your normal prescription eyewear.

Shop our Green Laser Strike Eyewear

Blue Laser Pointer Glasses

The second of our collection is the blue / green laser pointer safety glasses.  This filter is also an Orange / Peach colour however with a higher VLT of 43% than the Green Laser Strike glasses.

Our blue laser strike glasses also protect against the green spectrum so you can have two spectrums in one with this filter.

The wavelengths for the Blue / Green filter are:

Wavelength     Optical Density

190-400nm                5+

445-450nm               2+

532nm                       2.5+

This filter can also be bought in a range of frames from wrap arounds to flatter lens pocket and include a fit over option.

Shop our Blue / Green Laser Strike Eyewear

Green / Blue and Red

The last in our collection is the Blue / Green and Red spectrum protection laser filter.  This is one of the most commonly purchaser laser pointer safety glasses as it protects against all of the spectrums.

This is a Green coloured polycarbonate filter which will also work to reduce scratches on the lenses.  While it has the lowest VLT of the three versions at 23.3%, it does provide a greater range of protection.

The wavelengths for this filter are:

Wavelength     Optical Density

190-400nm                5+

440-470nm               1.5+

532nm                        1.5+

633-640nm              1.2+

The Green / Blue and Red laser filter comes in a great collection of frames so you can be sure to find one to fit your needs.  We have even provided a fit over option in case you wear glasses already and need a laser filter to work with.

Shop our Blue / Green and Red Laser Strike Eyewear

In conclusion the best laser pointer safety glasses are the ones that keep your eyes safe.  No matter whether you are a pilot, police man or hunter you might want to invest in a pair of laser pointer safety glasses to keep your eyes safe.  Contact our sales team at if you have any questions.


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