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The Best 1064nm Laser safety glasses

The Best 1064nm Laser safety glasses SPG Blog

Safety Protection Glasses carries a full range of laser safety glasses, windows and sheeting and Laser Barriers. Our laser glasses cover the most popular wavelengths for a variety of lasers but if you are looking for 1064nm laser glasses how do you know which are the Best 1064nm Laser Safety Glasses that you should be considering?

We have put together the below list which should help you to work out which of the laser glasses that cover a 1064nm wavelength would be best for you.

What Is a 1064nm laser?

This type of laser can be used for a variety of purposes including manufacturing, skin care and aesthetics, dentistry, and medicine.

YAG stands for yttrium, aluminium, and garnet, and is a is a synthetic crystalline material of the garnet group. YAG is commonly used as a host material in various solid-state lasers.

 The reference to 1064 is the nm (or nanometres) corresponding to the laser wavelength.

What laser glasses are available?

Below is a selection of our most popular laser safety glasses for the 1064nm wavelength. All our filters are available in these frame types but your will find many more on the website.

Model 17001

A larger fitting frame which is popular for medium to large head sizes, the 17001 is a rectangular wrap around frame.

This frame has proved a top choice amongst those seeking a durable and comfortable fit, largely due to its rubber temple ends which help to relive pressure points and hold the frame in place.

The 17001 is constructed from Tr-90 nylon and comes with integral side shields which provide additional side protection while you work.  The large lenses help to provide the maximum viewing area possible.

Model 33

A staple for those seeking fit over glasses, the Model 33 is a non-prescription large frame which will fit over your existing prescription eyewear to provide protection while you work. These frames will fit over most models of prescription eyewear.

While these frames are designed for both men and women, they are best suited to those with medium to large head sizes.  

The 33 are fitted with large lenses which provide 360 degrees protection in any segment and are constructed from TR-90 nylon which makes them lightweight and extremely durable.  

The Model 33 are designed with straight temple ends so these frames can be easily removed throughout the day.

Model 300

A unique frame which can be fitted to most head shapes thanks to its ratchetting temple ends which can be adjusted to fit. The frame is suited to small – large head sizes.

The rectangular frame is made from high quality TR-90 nylon which ensures it is light and can be worn throughout the day.

The 300 model has been designed with bent temple arms which work to keep the frame in place without much movement.

Model 808

A classical frame with a wrap around style, the Model 808 is one of our most requested safety frames for both laser and radiation protection. 

This is due to its rubber nose pads and rubber temple ends which hold the frame in place while reducing pressure points on the head.  

It is also constructed from TR-90 nylon which makes it lightweight, impact resistant and chemical resistant.

The temple arms on this frame are straight and work as a benefit to remove the frames quickly and easily when needed.  The frame is available in black or silver.

What are some of the filters available for 1064 nm?

AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2 

This is one of our most popular laser filters due to its high Visible Light Transmission which is 90.5% so provides excellent visibility.

This CE certified filter is a light blue glass filter and can also be purchased in prescription.  The AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2 is also available in a + version which provides additional optical density but with a lower VLT of 82%.

Most of our most popular frames are available in this filter including the 17001, Model 66 and Model 33.

The AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2 filter covers the below wavelengths with corresponding Optical Density ratings.

OD 4+ @870-950nm

OD 4+ @1550-2750nm

OD 5+ @950-1000nm

OD 6+ @2800-11000nm

OD 7+ @1000-1550nm

Shop AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2 laser glasses

Alexandrite Diode Yag

The Alexandrite Diode Yag laser filter is a polycarbonate laser filter and comes in a VLT of 41%.  This laser is commonly found in hair removal clinics in a variety of laser models.

The Alexandrite Diode Yag is not available in prescription format but can be fitted to a flip down version if you needed prescription lenses as well as laser safety glasses.

The Alexandrite Diode Yag is a green laser filter and covers the below wavelengths with corresponding Optical density ratings.

OD 6+ @190-435nm

OD 5+ @730-1085nm

OD 7+ @755-755nm

OD 7+ @1064-1064nmShop Alexandrite Diode Yag laser glasses

Multiwave YAG, Alexandrite Diode

The Multiwave YAG, Alexandrite Diode Laser Safety Filter Glass Lens can be produced in prescription and non-prescription form.

This laser filter is available in a VLT of 64% and is also a CE certified laser filter.

The Multiwave YAG, Alexandrite Diode covers a range of 700-1200nm with an OD of 7+ so is an excellent choice for those working with high powered lasers. The European LB ratings for this filter are 700-1200 D LB6+ IR LB7.

Shop Multiwave YAG, Alexandrite Diode laser glasses.


The last filter we will look at for this wavelength is the standard YAG laser filter. This filter is a green polycarbonate filter and is not available in prescription format.

The filter is CE certified and comes in a VLT of 54%.  The laser covers a wavelength of @190-390nm and @1064-1064nm with OD 7+ and @835-1095nm with an OD of 5+.

The European LB ratings for this filter are:

190-315 D LB7 + IR LB3
315-380 DIR LB5 + MLB5Y
840-900 DIR LB3
>900 – 950 DIR LB4 + M LB4Y
>950 -1065 DIR LB5 + M LB5Y

Shop YAG laser safety glasses.


Safety Protection Glasses have many more laser filters to cover the wavelength of 1064nm.  You can shop all of our 1064nm laser filters on the website.

We also have a full collection of laser glasses frames for you to choose from so you can select which are the Best 1064nm Laser Safety Glasses for your requirements.


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