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How to stop safety glasses from fogging up

How to stop safety glasses from fogging up

So you need to find out How to stop safety glasses from fogging up? Whether they be your regular glasses, or your prescription safety glasses, it can be difficult to keep your eyewear from fogging up. Especially when you’re wearing a facemask outside. However, there are effective ways around this that can ensure your vision isn’t tampered.

Anti Fog Wipes and Solutions

The best ways around foggy safety glasses are often the simplest. This method works with safety glasses that are either prescription, or non-prescription. All kinds of special wipes and solutions are available both online and are likely to be sold at your local opticians.

Safety Protection Glasses Anti Fog Dry Cloths are a popular choice among many shoppers, and the Cat Crap Anti-Fog treatment solutions aren’t a bad choice either.  Both are economical ways to help improve your fogging situation.

It serves to keep in mind, however, that if your safety eyewear is already equipped with some anti-smudge or anti-glare coatings, there’s a good possibility that these wipes and solutions won’t be quite as effective as you’d like them to be. There’s no trouble with this of course, as there are plenty of other means in which you could keep your prescription safety eyewear clean of fogging!

Lens Replacements

Eye safety is no joke, and in some cases using wipes and solutions just isn’t going to cut it. There exist certain lenses that were made to be anti-fog by design, and these can be very helpful to have on your safety glasses.  You can of course use our Lens replacement service and change your lenses to a new pair that are fitted with an anti fog coating.

These tend to come at more of an expense, but when the cloths and pastes just won’t do it, then it’s definitely worth looking into. If money’s a bit tight, however, then you could always go for the easier option of…

Wear Your Facemask a Bit Different

As vague as that sounds, it’s no joke. Prescription safety eyewear can be fogged instantly by your facemask, causing an imbalance in safety – you want to breath the air safely, but at the same time, it’d be lovely if you could see where you’re going.

A simple trick to this is to shape your mask down, across the bridge of your nose as well as along both cheeks. This may sound odd but it will block the air flow between the lower and upper parts of your face, thus should lead to a significant decrease in fogging.

Look for the metal strip in the mask. Not everybody is aware of the bendable metal strip in the mask, but it’s in there, and is used to help mould the mask to the shape of your face. However, if you’re aware of it, using it, and still have a fogging problem, then don’t worry as there are still a couple of methods you could look into.

You could put a tissue inside of your mask. The tissue will absorb any moisture inside of your mask, which will lead to less of a chance for your safety specs to actually fog up.

Look into Looser Eyewear to Stop Fogging

Another fun fact about glasses fogging up is that it will most definitely happen if you’re wearing tight eyewear. The lack of airflow into them will lead to a gradual build-up of fog on the inside, which can prove to be the most irritating kind of fogging. The simple solution to this can be to switch out your glasses, and luckily enough, cheap prescription safety glasses will do the job just fine!

Everybody deserves the best when it comes to their safety glasses. And while not all methods may work for you personally, a workaround can always be found that ensures your vision isn’t compromised when you least want it to be. It’s an annoyance that everybody wearing glasses has to deal with – but there is a solution to reduce the fogging on your glasses.

Make sure to look into the listed methods and find out how to stop safety glasses from fogging up. The methods work on safety goggles and lab goggles as well, so do feel free to try them all!


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