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Night Driving Glasses – what are they?

Night driving glasses

We are often contacted by customers seeking night driving glasses. They might be people who drive for a living, and need to help improve their vision during long driving periods at night or when the light conditions are low or simply struggling with night time conditions as they increase in age.

People can often be quite stressed when driving at night as there is a lack of natural light or because the headlights of other vehicles distract them from the road and make it difficult to see things around them.  So whether you drive for a living or are simply making a journey at night, read on to see how we can help you.

What are night driving glasses?

Night driving glasses are specially fitted with yellow or amber lenses, which help to reduce the glare from other drivers headlights and help with contrast in your surrounding environment. 

They do this by filtering out the blue light within the spectrum.  This blue light has the shortest wavelength and is mostly responsible for the glare caused when driving at night.  The blue light wavelength also has the largest amount of energy and so the night driving glasses are fitted with yellow or amber lenses to help stop it from reaching the eye.

You can also include an anti-reflective coating on your night driving glasses which will also help to reduce the amount of blue light that comes through your lenses.

What are the advantages of wearing these glasses?

  • Reduce the glare caused by blue light
  • Reduce the strain on your eyes
  • Helps with headaches and fatigue

What are the disadvantages of wearing these glasses?

  • Yellow lenses can reduce the amount of light getting to your eyes
  • Shouldn’t be worn in totally dark conditions
  • Slows down visual reflexes by fraction of a second.

How can I improve my night driving vision?

  • Take regular breaks when you drive.  This can help to give your eyes a break, especially on long journeys.
  • Buy night driving glasses
  • Add an anti-reflective coating to your lenses
  • Make sure your glasses are clean before you use them
  • Keep your prescription up to date
  • Ensure your windscreen is clean.  This will help to reduce glare.  Glare is amplified by dirt and smudges on your windscreen.
  • Ensure your headlights are cleaned, aligned and in full working order.

How can I buy night driving glasses?

You can buy night driving glasses from within our prescription safety glasses category.

Simply choose select lenses and purchase. Choose the prescription option. Choose to add yellow or amber lenses to your frame and an anti-reflective coating to your order.


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