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Best Anti Fog Sprays for keeping your glasses fog free

DEC 01

Best Anti Fog Sprays for keeping your glasses fog free

By rxsafety

With many people now wearing masks, fogging or condensation on glasses has become a more widespread issue. Glasses will fog up naturally when exposed to a temperature differential, be it from going indoors to outdoors, or from working up a sweat in a cold environment. Anti-Fog products have been used by professionals for decades, and whilst some models of glasses and goggles may have anti-fog features, fogging can still be a significant issue. Luckily there are some affordable products that can quickly reduce or stop your vision from being obscured.

It is important for everyone to have fog free vision so that they can focus clearly on what they are doing, whilst keeping their peripheral vision clear to watch out for hazards.

Safety Protection Glasses are able to offer a Permanent Anti-Fog Coating that can be applied, which is out most effective anti-fog solution, however this can only be applied on prescription orders. Anti-Fog sprays provide an affordable and quick solution to the fogging problem faced by many.

As part of our Anti-Fog range, we have 2 different sprays to help keep your glasses steam or mist free.

Fog Free Spray

Fog Free is a semi-permanent defogging cleaner that is safe and effective on most coatings and lens types. Prevents excessive humidity and moisture from fogging up lenses. This eye-catching product is going to be a must-have for all your customers.

The spray has become very popular over the course of the pandemic, with bulk orders from large businesses and the NHS.

Features include:

  • Lasts up to 5 days under normal conditions
  • Anti-Fog AND Lens Cleaner
  • Anti-Streak and Anti-Static

Prices start from £4.99 excl. VAT

Cat Crap Anti-Fog Spray-On

Using the same formula as the award winning Cat Crap Paste, The Cat Crap Anti-Fog spray is safe for use on all types of plastic or glass lenses, and can be used with all types of lens coatings. The small spray bottle is handy and the formula is odorless which may be a concern for some. Don’t be put off by its unusual name, Cat Crap is renown amongst the skiing and motorcycling communities for its reliable anti-fog effects.

Cat Crap

Features include:

  • Cleans and polishes glass and plastic lenses
  • Repels lint and dust
  • Prevents Fogging of lenses

Price starts from £6.49 excl. VAT

Data sheets for these products are available upon request.

Alongside the anti-fog sprays we have the longer lasting Paste, FogBuster or Clarity moistened anti-fog wipes, and our brand new special anti-fog dry cloths, which are similar to microfiber cloths you would usually use for cleaning your glasses, but can apply an anti-fog coating to whatever they are wiped on, up to 700 times per cloth!

If you have any questions about our products dont hesitate to contact us with our website form, email us or simply select the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen to chat live with one of our Agents.

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