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10 Best Safety Glasses of 2020

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-15011

Safety Glasses are a necessity for any workplace where your eyes are potentially at risk, from dust in the air to broken saw blades, our glasses our designed to provide you with the highest protection, whilst being stylish, comfortable and affordable. Prescription work glasses come in Single Vision (distance or reading), Lined Bifocal or Varifocal options.

At Safety Protection Glasses, we have over 600 models to choose from. From prescription to non-prescription, there are a tonne of models to choose from, so we have put together this list of our top customer rated models. Our models are available in a range of Safety Ratings, including ANSI and EN 166, prescription and non-prescription!

Number 10 – RX-Q300

Made from TR-90 for durability and flexibility, the Q300 is the largest of the three models in the Q series, providing the most protection and largest lenses.

The rubber coated temple bars offer a secure grip, and the saddle bridge nose pad makes for a comfortable fit and the side shields are removable.

The Q series are also extremely versatile and can feature GlassBlowing or even Radiation lenses!

This frame and the provided lenses are ANSI Z87 and EN 166 F Safety Approved

Number 9 – RX-901-B

The RX-901-B is a well loved frame and we always include it in suggestions for customers looking for protection from dust due to its inbuilt foam ‘dust dam’ which presses softly to your face to keep those particles at bay.

Featuring a classic wrap around style, this model features a removable headband which attaches to the end of the legs / temples of the glasses, stopping them from falling off or lowering down your face during crucial work, its for this reason they are also popular with motorbike riders.

This frame and the provided lenses are ANSI Z87.1-2003 and EN166F Approved

Number 8 – RX-17007A

The RX-17007A is an especially sporty and lightweight frame, featuring secure grip rubber temples and adjustable rubber nose pads makes this a comfortable frame for today’s workforce.

The inbuilt side shields are transparent are frosted, providing a limited but protected peripheral vision.

This frame and the provided lenses are ANSI Z87 and EN166F Approved

Number 7 – RX-651

The RX-651 is a stylish wrap around safety frame that has proven very popular in our safety glasses for women range.

This is a semi-rimless model with no frame supporting the bottom edge of the lens, providing you with clear vision and protection right to the bottom of the glasses.

This frame and the provided lenses are ANSI Z87.1-2003 and EN166F Approved

Number 6 – RX-17001

The RX-17001 is the highlight of our large frame safety glasses, if you are seeking excellent protection or consider yourself to have a larger than normal face, then this is one pair of safety glasses you should consider.

The rectangular lenses provide excellent vision whilst tops and sides of your eyes are kept safe

This frame and the provided lenses are ANSI Z87 and EN166F Approved

Number 5 – PDX Extreme Safety Goggles

One of the best sellers in our COVID19 safety glasses and goggles range the PDX Extreme offer maximum protection for a very economical price. These goggles offer a ‘full seal’ capability, keeping your eye cavity safe from dust or COVID infected droplets from only £20 in non-prescription.

The roomy frame is designed with a prescription insert which can fit most prescriptions, and is held in place between your eyes and the front lens of the goggle. The front lenses are 2.6mm high-impact resistant polycarbonate and the 40mm strap has slides for easy adjustment, the lenses also provide 100% UVA/UVB Protection.

These goggles provide a full seal and are ANSI Z87.1-2003 and EN166F Approved.

Number 4 – Wiley X SG-1

The Wiley X SG-1 is a very highly rated pair of safety glasses meeting various Ballistic Ratings, you can rest assured that these glasses can protect you from nearly all impacts. Featuring a removable lens system, the SG-1 allows you to fit prescription lenses in a removable gasket, enabling you to have multiple prescription lenses for one frame. You could have a pair of clear lenses, a pair of smoke lenses, a pair of polarized lenses, etc.
The legs, or temples, of the glasses are removable and can be replaced with the included headband, turning them into goggles, they also include a Top Down ventilation system, helping to tackle fog.

This frame and the provided lenses are ANSI Z87 and EN166F approved as well as Ballistic Rated

Number 3 – SB-5000

The SB-5000, where SB stands for Safety Bifocal, are in our top 3 best sellers, for customers who require economical safety glasses with a magnification bifocal section at the bottom of the lens.

Customers can choose the desired magnification, meaning that they should suit almost all reading prescriptions. From just £10, you receive a quality safety rated pair of safety glasses with the reading prescription of your choice. This frame has a soft rubber nose bridge and rubber tipped temples, meaning it will stay firm on your face while you work. Check out our video for this model.

The SB-5000 is available in clear or smoked lenses and has a range of five bifocal strengths: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0

This frame and its lenses are ANSI Z87 and EN166F Approved

Number 2 – RX-JY7

The RX-JY7 is a firm favorite with customers, one of our best sellers, not only its comfort but also the level of protection it provides. This model features a removable foam gasket which comfortably fits onto your face providing a barrier to any dust or particles that would otherwise sneak around your frame into your eyes.
The model is surprisingly lightweight, making them very comfortable to wear for long periods of time and feature an adjustable nose bridge, meaning they are a secure fit for any wearer. The JY7 also has removable legs, or temples, that can be swapped out for a high quality adjustable headband option, effectively turning them into goggles with just a push and a click.

This frame and its lenses are ANSI Z87 and EN166F Approved

Number 1 – RX-15011

Our number 1 best seller, the RX-15011 features a rectangular hipster style safety frame made out of high quality TR-90 Nylon. This model is really popular with people who want discreet safety glasses, as these are stylish and look very much like normal glasses, but have the additional protection of being safety rated and from the permanent side shields.

The side shields are completely transparent affording excellent peripheral vision without compromising protection. This model also has an adjustable nose bridge guaranteeing a tight fit for any wearer.

This frame and its lenses are ANSI Z87 and EN166F Approved

That concludes our 10 best safety glasses of 2020 as chosen by our customers, but there are new models being added everyday and also some really interesting accessories such as our brand new Dry Anti-fog Cloth which provides anti-fog protection with just a wipe of the reusable dry cloth!

As always – if you need help choosing or finding a frame of glasses in your specific style, or meeting your workplaces safety regulations, don’t hesitate to contact me at:


+44 2890 994 190 |