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What are digital lenses?

At Safety Protection Glasses we take advantage of modern technology to produce our lenses.

While we still produce the standard single vision lenses, we have also incorporated use of the latest computer-controlled machines and complex calculation programs to provide our Digital Single Vision Lenses.

Digital Single Vision or high definition lenses mean that every point on the back surface of the lens becomes individually calculated and manufactured to the users specifications.  This makes them as unique as you are and provides an improved clarity and sharper vision, improved night and low-light vision, and thinner and flatter lenses for improved cosmetic appearance.

Digital lenses are sometimes referred to as free-form, wavefront or high-definition lenses.

Differences between Standard Single Vision Lenses and Digital Lenses

  • As with many things in this modern world, going digital can make a huge difference to the optical quality of your prescription. Digital lenses are also great for astigmatism or cylinder correction.
    Because of the better optical quality, you will be getting clearer vision regardless of your prescription, though there’s even more of a benefit for those with stronger prescriptions due to a lack of distortion.
  • Within the standard lens making process there is an assumption that the lens is flat and the user always looks straight on to it. However, if you have selected a wraparound frame style and go through the standard process there is a distortion which occurs which is known as the fishbowl effect. This effect is negated by the use of digital means to create the lenses.The stronger your prescription is, the more possibility there is for distortion in the lens.This method of creating lenses excels when the lenses are used as prescription inserts due to the vertex distance. This is the distance between your eye and the lens.  If you choose an insert and make this via standard processes it can cause distortion as it sits further from your eyes. A digital lens accommodates the different vertex distance from wearing a prescription insert and gives you the same clarity regardless.

Advantages of Using Digital Single Vision Lenses

  • Improved clarity and sharper vision
  • Improved night and low-light vision
  • Thinner and flatter lenses
  • Imaging errors are minimised
  • More combinations of prescriptions are available
  • Digital lenses are a newer technology that offer the best optics possible. Available in both eyeglasses and sunglasses, digital lenses provide better clarity and minimize edge-to-edge distortion to give you a wider field of view, as seen in the image below.

Are Digital Lenses worth it?

We often get asked if digital lenses are worth it?  They are usually more expensive than standard single vision lenses however as you can see from above the benefits often outweigh the additional costs.  They can be especially beneficial if you have a particularly high prescription.


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