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Best 10 Radiation Glasses of 2020

Best 10 Radiation Glasses of 2020

We have put together the Best 10 Radiation Glasses of 2020. Read on to find out whether you need radiation glasses and what to look for if you do.

Do I need radiation glasses?

Radiation glasses also known as leaded glasses help to protect your eyes against radiation.  Along with some other areas of the body, the eyes are amongst the most sensitive parts and radiation can have an adverse effect causing severe disability or permanent blindness.

Machines that omit radiation include Xray’s, Irradiators, Electronic Microscopes, Radiographs, Fluroscopes and Particle accelerators and they are commonly used in everyday medical settings which is why we at Safety Protection Glasses work hard to produce the highest quality radiation glasses on the market.

Technology is constantly moving forward and along with it the strength of radiation machines is ever increasing.  For every new machine developed there must also be a corresponding pair of radiation glasses which will protect the user from damage.  Researchers, ophthalmologists and manufacturers work alongside machine developers creating new glasses and strengths to keep the workforce safe.

As a standard pair of radiation (both prescription and non prescription) must now have CE1010 approval for 2020 this means they should all now be fitted with .75mm lead equivalency.  Should your pair of glasses be equipped with side shields then these must be a minimum o .55mm PB lead equivalency.  Whilst the lead equivalency is of utmost importance, to the user they will also consider comfort, style, weight and fit while shopping for glasses online.

What should I look for?

We would recommend when shopping for radiation glasses or goggles that the pair you purchase should be adjustable and comfortable.  If you are wearing your glasses all day you need to be sure that they don’t encourage you to take them off, so purchase a pair that can be adjusted to be sure that they remain where they should be.

All too common is the issue of dropping or scratching of lenses; this can be prevented by ensuring that your glasses come with a heavy duty protective case and are constructed from a durable nylon material which fits you correctly.

Some frame styles are built to fit certain sizes of head so it is not a one size fits all situation.  Be sure that the glasses you have chosen will fit your head size.

As mentioned previously, radiation glasses can be heavy to wear and so ensuring you have selected a pair of light weight glasses will help reduce the pressure you might feel under your eyes, on the bridge of your nose or on your cheeks from wearing glasses for long periods of time.  If you find that the glasses spend a lot of time falling down the bridge of your nose this can also be a tell tale sign that they don’t fit correctly.

Prescription Radiation Glasses

While many radiation frames can be made with prescription lenses, some cannot be fitted with prescriptions.  You will want to ensure that the frames you have chosen will suit your needs.  If you cannot fit them with prescription lenses they may be able to function as fit overs to your normal glasses.  Most models can also be used as fit over glasses however there are some that fulfil this capacity better than others such as the Phillips RG-33 which has been a stalwart of the fit over market for many years.

Those glasses that can be fitted with prescription lenses can be produced in single vision both distance and reading, bifocal or varifocal lenses. Find out more information on our Prescription Radiation Glasses.

There are a variety of features available as additional options on many frames, such a removable side shields, foam gaskets or anti fog technology which can help prevent fogging.

We have put together a list of our top radiation glasses of 2020.  All of the glasses below contain SF-6 HT Schott Glass lenses and come with .75mm lead equivalency as standard and are all CE Certified.

Best 10 Radiation Glasses of 2020

  1. RG-15011-BKC – These frames provide the wearer with added style along with safety. The rectangular frame provides a sleek look with bold lines that makes the whole frame look clean and will suit many face shapes.  As this frame is quite wide it will suit medium to large heads better.  This frame will not only function as stylish but with added built in side shield protection it will protect your vision from almost any angle.
  2. Phillips RG-33 – This is a fit over stalwart of many years running and is one of the best selling fit overs across all industries on the market. The frame itself is quite large and bulky and therefore will fit over most types of prescription glasses.  This frame is sturdy but light weight and can be worn for long periods of time if required. This frame has made our previous lists for Best 10 Radiation glasses and is featured again on the Best 10 Radiation Glasses of 2020 due to its continued flexibility.
  3. Nike Flip – The Nike Flip comes to the market from Nike and is a sleek, translucent frame that double more as a pair of standard glasses than radiation glasses. Nike are a premier brand of radiation glasses and these frames are high quality and durable.  Fitting most head sizes they are also fitted with stopper hinges to prevent decompressing should you need to wear them for long periods of time.
  4. Nike Premier – The Nike Premier are very similar in style to the Nike Flip. Slightly more stylish as they feature a variety of colours that include dark grey, black / silver, cool grey / wolf grey, light bone, matte tortoise, matte anthracite and matte black, you can be sure to find one that suits your own colouring.  The glasses are also fitted with an inlay nose pad which will help keep your glasses in place.  They also have slimmed temples which also works to keep this model in place, meaning it can fit most head sizes.
  5. Phillips RG-Q100 – Another popular model due to its stylish look and ability to fit smaller head sizes. The frame shape is more rounded and features built in side shields.  Due to its unique fit, this model provides a wider range of view than our other radiation glasses.
  6. Phillips F126 – The size of these radiation glasses ensures that they are amongst the best in terms of range of visual area as they are much taller and wider than many of our other frames. This is a large frame type and so would suit larger heads better.  Its industrial design comes with side shields providing extra protection where you need it most.
  7. Wiley-X Tide – With any of the Wiley-X range you can be assured of high quality glasses and goggles that provide durability and great levels of protection. Wiley-X Tide comes with flawless hinges and a removable face cavity seal to protect from flying debris such as dust, splashes or wind.  This unique frame is one of the only Wiley-X types to come with the removable face cavity seal technology and is a favourite amongst hospital workers and dentists alike for this reason.
  8. Phillips RG-Q200 – This is the ‘middle of the road’ frame of our Q Series. As the Q100 fits smaller head sizes, the Q200 has been designed for medium heads and features a lightweight design with removable leaded side shields which provide additional protection for the wearer.  The frame material is flexible so this is a good all rounder frame type for those considering their first pair as it will fit most head shapes and sizes.  The frame also features rubber temple bars and a saddle bridge nose pad which helps prevent slip resistance from sweat.
  9. Phillips RG-J136 – Another popular choice in the in-house frame collection which is popular with surgeons with medium to large head sizes. This well-balanced frame has been designed with an adjustable nosepiece and to be worn all day and remain comfortable and is one of our best-selling models.  This frame type is one of the few that can take prescription lenses and so can cover all of your RX needs.
  10. Nike Brazen – No list of radiation glasses would be complete without the Nike Brazen frame. One of the industries most popular choices due to its well balanced design, this frame will sit comfortable on your face.  Although slightly heavier than its other Nike counterparts, its great design means it is perfect for wearing over long periods of time and is used by surgeons and medical professionals alike for time consuming and delicate work.  This frame has a ventilated nose bridge which works to reduce fogging during use, which provides superior vision and clarity. This frame always makes the list for any of our collections and remains on the Best 10 Radiation Glasses of 2020 due to its popularity amongst medical professionals.

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