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What Are Bifocal Safety Glasses?

What Are Bifocal Safety Glasses?

We are often asked what are bifocal safety glasses?  Bifocal safety glasses are used when a person requires safety glasses but also the addition of a reading magnification.

Many job roles require the use of safety glasses to carry out their functions but if you also require reading glasses while doing these jobs then our bifocal safety glasses are right for you.

The bifocal safety glasses are affordable and EN166F approved for impact resistance which means they are more durable and will not shatter if dropped while you are working.  Having both safety glasses and reading glasses in one pair means that you don’t have to wear fit over glasses and reduces the need to switch between tasks which can help improve safety standards.

Safety is often the most talked about topic at many organisations and the protection of staff and those within these environments should be top of the agenda.  As accidents are mostly unpredictable hazards, they cannot often be planned for in a risk assessment and you should take steps to prevent damage to yourself or your employees before they occur.  In term of eye protection, this can often be done simply by donning a pair of safety glasses.  However if you are wearing simple reading glasses instead of tested safety glasses you run the risk of permanent eye damage.

Standard reading glasses are not impact resistant and so should something come into contact with them, this object can often cause significant damage to an eye as parts of the frames or lenses can end up in the eye with disastrous results.  To help reduce these types of accidents we have manufactured safety reading glasses which provide reading magnification while still providing you with the protection you would expect from safety glasses.

We have two different versions of safety reading glasses: bifocals and safety reading glasses.

The bifocal safety glasses come in a wrap around frame and contains the bifocal lens at the bottom half of the glasses removing the need to switch to your reading glasses.

Safety reading glasses provide reading magnification in the whole lens which is also EN166F approved and therefore can be used as a pair of safety glasses.

Our safety glasses are all lightweight and comfortable being designed with whole day use in mind.  The lenses also come ion more strengths that you would find in a typical high street optician.

We hold a variety of frame shapes and so you are certain to find one to find your face shape.  Many of the safety glasses also come with removable side shields which means you can switch easily between work and home.  All of our glasses come with a protective case however should you drop them, you can be assured that they will not shatter given that they have been tested to rigorous European standards of EN 166 and are fitted with the most impact resistant lens material in the world – polycarbonate.

If you need any help selecting the right safety glasses for you please do not hesitate to get in touch, however if you are ready you can shop our full range on the link below.



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