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Prescription Laser Safety Glasses

Here at Safety Protection Glasses, we have expanded our prescription laser safety glasses to include further filters in the laser range.

Not all of our prescription laser safety glasses can be fitted with the full range of laser filters due to the laser filter materials that is used.  However we have worked to expand this range to meet a growing need by you, the customer for more options for your prescription eyewear.

If you work with lasers and require laser safety glasses but also wear a pair prescription glasses, you will have two options available to you.  You can choose to wear a pair of fit over laser safety glasses or you can order a suitable pair of prescription laser safety glasses.

Benefits of Prescription Laser Safety Glasses

There are multiple benefits to wearing prescription laser safety glasses over a pair of fit over frames but the top reason would be safety.  Below is some information which may be useful to you when choosing your prescription laser safety glasses.

  • Prescription laser safety glasses are considered safer than fit over types as they are more comfortable and can be worn for longer periods of time.  Fit overs tend to weigh more and can make lengthy use uncomfortable.  This discomfort is likely to make you want to remove your glasses possible in unsafe circumstances which could lead to an injury to your eyes when working with lasers.
  • Prescription laser safety glasses have been shown to increase use rather than fit over pairs reducing your chances of injury or accidents in the workplace.
  • Fit over glasses require you to wear two pairs of glasses at the same time, which is not only uncomfortable but as they could slide down your face, they could leave a gap where injury could occur.  You can reduce this risk by purchasing a pair of prescription laser safety glasses.
  • Our Prescription laser safety glasses are manufactured in house at our lab and much of the range carries ANSI and CE certifications to ensure your prescriptions meets all the standards expected of your workplace.
  • Our range of Prescription laser safety glasses are designed with not only safety but style in mind.

Laser safety should be at the top of your agenda when dealing with lasers in the workplace and if you require a prescription on top of the safety frames then this can make your work place a stressful and uncomfortable environment.

If you work with lasers and require prescription glasses then getting a pair of Prescription laser safety glasses is the next step to increasing your safety and looking after your eyes while on the job.

We have talked about the comfort levels of having a pair of Prescription laser safety glasses however having one pair to wear can also increase the life span of your standard prescription eyewear and your laser safety glasses.  This means you have only one pair of glasses for work and a pair for your life at home.  This means that your personal glasses will have less wear and be extended in their life span as they are not getting a pair of fit over placed on top of them every day.


If you have any questions or comments about prescription laser safety glasses or which ones are best for you, please leave them in the comments below or give us a call. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!


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