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What Are Yellow Tinted Safety Glasses Used For?

Yellow tinted safety glasses

Yellow tinted safety glasses, that is, safety glasses with yellow or amber tinted lenses are often used in low light conditions and can help to enhance depth and contrast, so therefore are great on foggy or overcast days that often make up our UK weather.

Yellow tinted lenses block blue light, which has a shorter wavelength and can cause issues with focus.  The blue light scatters more easily than others which causes the eye to work harder to compensate for the conditions which often causes headaches and migraines.  By using yellow tint lenses, you can improve the clarity of vision and reduce eye fatigue.

Who uses yellow coloured safety glasses?

Over recent years Yellow tinted safety glasses have been used by a variety of sports including golfers, cyclists, baseball players and hunters as the properties of the lenses mean they can see better in overcast conditions and reduce the fatigue felt by their eyes in these conditions.

However, the yellow lenses have also been in use within the gaming community as consoles and computer screens produce blue light which can cause a user headache and a myriad of problems with their vision.  Given the large amounts now paid to gamers within their profession, it benefits to have lenses which help you stay at the top of your game!

Are yellow safety glasses bad for your eyes?

 Those who spend a lot of time in their car or drive for a living prefer yellow tints as it increase visual clarity. This is because it increases the amount of the red light spectrum that your eyes can see. Because of this red brake lights and traffic lights become brighter and easier to see which therefore helps with reaction times.

For anyone who has spent any time driving, you will know that it is hard to see the road or upcoming dangers in overcast and hazy conditions. This is because there is extra water vapor in the air. This water vapour increases the scattering of blue light and makes it hard for your eyes to focus. This blue light scattering decreases visual acuity and depth perception.

To compensate your eyes must work harder to retain their visual clarity. In time this results in eye fatigue and can also cause headaches for some. Yellow and amber tints applied to your glasses will help reduce the impact of blue light under low light conditions..

Why do yellow tinted glasses improve contrast sensitivity?

By choosing one colour within your lenses, this restriction in colour options for the eye causes a contrast to occur. This enhanced contrast is because the yellow lenses are providing a selective reduction of short wavelength light.

Are yellow tint glasses good for night?

Recent studies carried out in both the UK and USA have shown that yellow tinted lenses also have additional benefits such as aiding sleep and acting as a mood stabiliser for those living with bipolar disorder.  This is because excessive blue light can reduce melatonin which is our natural sleep hormone.  When this hormone is reduced our sleep suffers, yellow tinted lenses can help block blue light and reduce its effects on our melatonin levels aiding a better night sleep.  For those with bipolar disorder, blocking the blue light can help to stabilise working as a ‘dark’ therapy, similar to treatments of ‘light’ therapy used for depression.

Can safety glasses be tinted?

If you are purchasing your prescription at Safety Protection Glasses we can add a colour tint to your lenses which can include yellow. We carry a range of tints and colours for you to choose from.

Many of our plano (non prescription) safety glasses are available in a variety of colours and tints. Our SB-9000 in yellow comes with a reading magnification built in as it is a bifocal safety frame.

What colour tint is best for prescription glasses?

This will depend on what you need them for. Yellow tints work well in low light conditions and can be beneficial is preventing eye fatigue and headaches. However some people prefer grey tints as it provides the best true colour perception as well as working to reduce glare. While grey is the most popular tint for outdoor use in bright sunny days, here in the UK, we are more likely to get over cast and cloudy days, so yellow might be your best option.

What Are Bifocal Safety Glasses?

Bifocal safety glasses allow a user to read without the need to switch glasses whilst at work.  The lenses are created with a bifocal at the bottom half, with a standard reading power, which allow the user to continue reading out of the bottom half of the lenses while having normal vision out of the top half.

Benefits to those requiring bifocal safety glasses include:

  • Yellow tinted safety glasses increase visual acuity as it makes surroundings appear brighter
  • The lenses work for both safety and reading purposes which means you don’t have to switch your glasses
  • Our line is impact resistance, meaning they won’t shatter on impact like other standard reading glasses
  • Our wrap around frame provides side protection and peripheral vision
  • They come in a variety of reading strengths so you can be sure you can find a pair that suits your eyes

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