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What Are Bifocal Safety Glasses?

Bifocal Safety Glasses Model 9000 Clear

Bifocal safety glasses are used when a person requires reading glasses but also the protection of having safety glasses which adequately protect the eye.

Bifocal Safety Glasses for £10.00

If you have a job where you are required to carry out work which needs the use of safety glasses, but you also have to read while doing it, then our bifocal safety glasses are for you.  Bifocal safety glasses are affordable and are ANSI and EN166F approved which means they are impact resistant and won’t shatter like your reading glasses when dropped.  This added protection means that you don’t have to switch glasses to continue your work.

Safety should always be at the top of any agenda when at work and dealing with machinery or conditions which require you to wear protective eyewear.  It can only take a moment for an accident to happen which results in permanent eye damage for the user and if you are wearing reading glasses rather than bifocal safety glasses this can cause more harm than if you were wearing no glasses at all.

Your standard reading glasses are not made to withstand impact and can shatter easily, so should you be unlucky enough to get hit with something, parts of the glass or the frame could end up in your eye.  For this reason, we have created a range of safety glasses which also provide reading assistance to the user whilst providing you with the protection that is essential to do your job.

We supply two different categories of safety reading glasses; these are bifocal safety glasses and safety reading glasses.

Our bifocal glasses come in a wraparound safety frame with a bifocal at the bottom half of the lens so you can read without switching to your reading glasses.

Safety Reading Glasses are more standard, the whole lens is used for reading however the glasses are ANSI and EN166F approved so they can also be used as safety glasses.

Our Safety Reading Glasses are available in more strengths than you would find at your standard opticians and come in a variety of frames to best suit your face.

The glasses are lightweight and comfortable, many coming with removable side shields so you can continue to wear the same pair at work or at home simply by removing them.

Our glasses are supplied with a case to help you keep them safe while you are at work, however, if you should drop them, you can be safe in the knowledge that they have been tested to the highest impact standards with polycarbonate lenses which is the most impact resistant lens material in use today.

If you are unsure as to which safety reading glasses or bifocal safety glasses would suit you best, get in touch with our team who can help point you in the right direction.

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