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Why wear laser safety glasses?

Why wear laser safety glasses?

Lasers are in frequent use in many industries across the world and it is important that those using lasers having the correct laser safety glasses.  When using lasers you must considered several precautions before beginning.

Always wear your laser safety glasses

Given the level of damage that you could do to your eyes, you should always make sure that you are wearing the correct laser glasses for the laser class that you are using.  Selecting the correct laser safety glasses is the most important step that you can make in protecting yourself against laser radiation.

There are several places that you can look to find information about how to choose the correct pair of laser glasses.  If your organisation has a laser safety officer, they should be your first stop. This specially appointed person will have the correct information about the type of laser in use and the appropriate precautions that should be considered when choosing your laser glasses.

Your laser safety glasses will have the optical density measurements and the wavelength range on the safety glasses.  These are typically printed on the arm of the glasses depending on the manufacturer.

Laser safety glasses have an optical density, which blocks any light that is transmitted from a certain laser wavelength.  If your laser glasses have a high optical density this means they will be able to block more light from the laser.

You can also purchase laser glasses at a higher optical density that what is recommended by your laser safety officer or the laser safety manual to offer you more protection from the laser wavelength.

Whichever laser glasses you are using, you should always wear them throughout the period that you are using the laser.  Do not remove your glasses when the laser is being used as this can cause damage to your eyes and can cause permanent disability.

Why are laser safety glasses important?

Choosing the right protection when you are using laser can significantly reduce the possible harmful effects that it might cause.  You should choose the best laser safety glasses for the application you are using and the best that you can afford to purchase.

Your workplace should make wearing laser safety glasses mandatory as part of their ongoing health and safety precautions.  Your eyes are at a high risk of exposure whether you are using the laser or having a medical treatment. As many laser treatments focus on the facial area, the eyes are at particular risk during these procedures and this should be considered when examining your health and safety procedures in relation to patient care.

Do not ignore your laser safety standards

If you are using a laser, it is of vital important that you follow all of the laser safety standards that are set out in the laser manual and those recommendations provided by your laser safety officer.  The standards are provided to ensure that you are wearing and providing the correct protection for the laser you are using.

How to Store Your Laser Safety Glasses

Your laser safety glasses should always be stored in an appropriate location.  Your supplier will have provided you with a safety glasses case when you purchased your laser glasses.  This case will ensure that your glasses remain free of any scratches or dust build up which can occur over time.  If you have multiple pairs of glasses you can purchase a variety of dispensers that will enable you to keep them in one place.  Should any of the laser glasses become damaged you should immediately discontinue use as they may no longer provide the level of protection that you require.

Knowledge is key

To minimise the risks associated with using lasers it important that everyone in your workplace is aware of the risks and you should use warning signs in areas that use lasers.  These signs should be in a highly visible place and easy to understand. Everyone in your workplace should be training on the risk of using lasers and the appropriate measures that are put in place to reduce these risks.  

If you require any help in choosing the correct pair of laser glasses you should talk with your laser safety officer or you can contact one of our sales team who can help you decide on the most appropriate pair for the laser you are using.



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