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What is Anti Fog Coating?

Safety Protection Glasses Permanent Anti-Fog Coating, is a chemically bonded, chemical coating, applied to the inside and outside of your lenses, to provide reliable, lasting anti-fog protection. Working on a molecular level, the coating keeps water molecules from bunching together and causing the blinding fog that is so dangerous on your eyewear. Our Permanent Anti-Fog Coating also offers a hard, anti-scratch coating*, that makes your lenses more resistant to scratches. The result is a coating, that NEVER fogs**, even when going from the coldest conditions to a hot humid climate.

*This does make the lenses scratch proof.
**Please not that water deposits may still form on lenses but are transparent and shouldn’t inhibit vision.

Performance of Permanent Anti-Fog coating 

Safety Protection Glasses Permanent Anti-Fog coating demonstrates superior, fog free, properties under a variety of conditions where fogging is an issue. This performance has been evaluated using a variety of exposure tests:

Breathe Fog Test – No fog formation after direct breathing on the coated surface.
Hot & Moist Air Test – No fog formation after exposing to a hot, moist environment.
Freeze Test – No fog formation after transferring from extreme cold conditions to a humid environment.

Why is Anti-Fog Permanent Coating £50?

Safety Protection Glasses Permanent Anti-Fog Coating never fogs, never wears down, and will last the life of the lens. Sure, you could go out and buy an anti-fog spray, or Cat Crap Anti-Fog, but with constant reapplication of those temporary treatments, you’ll end up paying more than the cost of our Permanent Anti-Fog Coating in no time, and your lenses will still fog up, to a degree.

How can I Order Anti-Fog Permanent Coating on My Lenses?

You can add our Permanent Anti-Fog Coating to any pair of glasses or sunglasses purchased through RX-Safety. After choosing your frame colour, scroll down on the options page, to the Coatings section, and make sure to check Permanent Anti-Fog Coating (Shown Below).



Anti Fog Permanent Coating for glasses


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