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Why Is a 1.74 High Index Lens Right For Me?

High Index Lenses are an advanced type of optical lens that provides higher prescription wearers with a slimmer and more streamlined shape. You no longer have to worry about lacking a stylish frame, and low profile lens, just because you have a high prescription. Perfect for anyone with +/- 2 prescriptions or higher, RX-Safety uses Younger Optics lenses made of high-tech plastics, which keeps them strong and affordable.

Our 1.74 lenses are the highest index you can currently get on the market, without changing to a more expensive and rigid material. RX-Safety also now offers these lenses in Transitions Gray and Brown so you can see safely in the sun while you work or play. Browse our recommended selection below to find the right pair of glasses for you, and remember: Our customer service representatives are always on hand to answer any questions you might have, and to help you pick the right frame for your price and style.

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