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AKG-5 Plus Holmium/Yag/Co2

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Filter Specification
OD 6+ @870-950nm
OD 6+ @1550-2750nm
OD 9+ @950-1000nm
OD 10+ @1000-1550nm
OD 8+ @2800-11000nm
VLT: 82%
Laser Specifications: Download


The AKG-5+ Holmium/Yag/Co2 Laser Safety Filter Glass Lens, is available for Non-Prescription glasses.

This Glass Filter has excellent visibility.  Simply choose the frame that best suits your needs.  Please refer to the graph to the right, for the protection levels.

The AKG-5+ Holmium/Yag/Co2 lenses come with the same protection standard regardless of the frame selected.

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