Lampworking Safety Glasses for Borosilicate Glass Work


Frames Shapes Wrap
Frame Type Full Frame
Filter Type Standard BoroTruView 3.0
No Coating


Standard, inexpensive, but durable wraparound safety frame. Stylish, lightweight frame and comfortable fit.

BoroTruView 3.0

Phillips BoroTruView 3.0 & 5.0 lenses are made for the true glassworking artist. These lenses are
specially formulated to offer excellent color recognition when working with colored glass while still
providing UV and IR protection. The gray IR filter is color neutral so you can easily see the
different colors of the glass and the heat being applied. These revolutionary polycarbonate filter
lenses are much lighter than conventional laminated and glass products. If you are working with
smaller pieces the BoroTruView 3.0 is for you. For larger pieces like candlesticks and statues, you
will need the BoroTruView 5.0.



Frame Size 
Eye size: 64
Bridge size: 16
Temple size: 140
Frame Color Black
Frame Material Plastic
Lens Color Purple
Lens Type Full Glasses



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